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When we discover the middle path, we neither remove ourselves from the world nor get lost in it. We can be with all our experience in its complexity, with our own exact thoughts and feelings and drama as it is. We learn to embrace tension, paradox, change. Instead of seeking resolution, waiting for the chord at the end of a song, we ...

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Considerations on the Corona-ZEITGEIST!

The Zeitgeist 2020 offers continuous reorientations in our lives. There is no blueprint for the present time. However, the question arises: Is there really a blueprint for any period in people's lives? If I can recognize the light in any time, I can see the new and what starts rising ...

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"Total withdraw!" is the headline of a case sample that Iris Philippsen from Munich has made available to us. Her patient suffered from recurring infections, which were accompanied by unbearably biting and very painful sore throats. After she had already prescribed a number of remedies with little success, the consideration of the PEM (Personal ...

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Today we like to share an interesting interview with one of our WISH members.

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, homeopath and psychiatrist has been interviewed for the homeopathic online journal hpathy.com by Vatsala Spering. Dr. Gandhi talks about emotional trauma, addiction, gender issues and much more.

Here you can find the full interview:

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WISH congress Munich 2019

This year's WISH Congress from 17-19 May 2019 took place again in the beautiful lecture hall of the Krankenhaus für Naturheilweisen in Munich-Harlaching. With the topic "Burnout & Sensation" leading representatives of the Sensation method came to share their individual insights and experiences. ...

WISH congress Munich 2017
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WISH congress Munich 2017

Leading representatives of the sensation method came together for the congress of the World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy (WISH), held in Munich from May 12-14, 2017. They showed how the exploration of traumatic experience at the level of the vital sensation can facilitate deep-acting prescriptions.

Ulrike ...

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WISH congress 2016

Review by Laurie Dack Photographs by Viorel Gabriel Titu

Dear WISH Friends,

We have just returned from our Romanian ‘WISH Congress’. We were each greeted by a lovely, enthusiastic Gentiana Ciubuc, the organizer and seemingly Queen of Homeopathy in Romania. She was our first introduction to ...

London 2014
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WISH congress 2014


Review by Veronique Jack

‘Concordance within diversity’ was the theme of the extraordinary homeopathic event which took place recently, from the 6th to 8th of June, at the Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park, London, ...


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