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Dear friends and colleagues,

on 11th June 2023 Dr Rajan Sankaran’s latest book “Superclasses in Homeopathy” was launched online. This event saw an interview of Dr Rajan by Jürgen Weiland, President of WISH ( World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy).

It included inputs from other contributors to the book including an inspiring discussion with the artists Monica and Momchil Stoyanov whose paintings are included in the book. The discussion revolved around the evolution and importance of the Superclasses idea, the ‘eureka’ moment when the "mango" fell on the head, the importance of WISE processes and the application of the ideas in practice. Participants in the discussion included Dr Sarah Coutinho, Dr Kyle Wulfsohn, Dr Meghna Shah, Dr Preety Shah and Dr Manish Jagpal.

For your copy of the book go to : www.rajansankaran.com or write to sales@onlinehmp.com


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