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Wednesday 21st - Saturday 24th of June 2023

Location: Dobrovâț, Jud. Iași, Romania Venue: Cabana Poieni, Dobrovâț

A unique workshop and retreat in the beautiful nature of Romania.

What is WISE? "Witnessing the inner song experience" Witnessing means observing from a distance, without judgement, without wanting it or not, without likes or dislikes. Witnessing is observing in the most minute detail. Inner simply means inward looking. Once we realize the drama is inside and not outside, we then see what the effect of the outside on the inside is. Whatever may be happening on the outside, the focus should be on the effect of that on the inside. Song means the inner pattern. The pattern or song is like a melody that is playing within us. Irrespective of what is happening externally, the same melody plays within us. This is our inner song. The experience of the pattern is not a thought, an emotion, or an image. It is a sensation or an energy pattern. It is beyond the mind, logic, and reason, and is felt in the body as well as the mind at the same time, revealed through non-human qualities, gestures and energy. The journey towards healing begins with an awareness of the other song playing inside you.

For more details and registration, visit the website of the organizer: Theothersong Romania


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