Menyanthes trifoliata
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Art and Technique of the Sensation Method

ONE WISH, Sixth international WISH congress Jürgen Hansel

Since 2012 the members and lecturers of the World Institute for Sensation Homeopathy (WISH) have been regularly holding their international congress to exchange ideas about the practice of the sensation method and inform their colleagues ...

Lake Kochel
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On Friday the 7th of May our first WISH Online conference will go live. On the first day Anne Schadde from Munich and Dr. Jayesh Shah from Mumbai, India will be in focus.

Anne will be our opening speaker. Her deep experience and philosophical foundation is always a treat to listen to.

Don't ...

Vital Quest
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In preparation for the ONE WISH-conference (7-11 May 2021) , I interviewed our WISH member Paresh Vasani about his personal journey as a homeopath and software developer. Dr. Vasani will demonstrate the use of Synergy Homeopathic Software (SHS) and Vital Quest (the expert system for Sensation method ...

ONE WISH conference
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Dear friends and colleagues

Preparations for the ONE WISH conferene are in full swing. SHZ (Stiftung Homöopathie-Zertifikat) CPD points have been promised and applications for medical CPD points are in the process of being submitted. Andreas Holling from Münster has kindly taken over the medical and scientific management of this ...

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When we discover the middle path, we neither remove ourselves from the world nor get lost in it. We can be with all our experience in its complexity, with our own exact thoughts and feelings and drama as it is. We learn to embrace tension, paradox, change. Instead of seeking resolution, waiting for the chord at the end of a song, we ...

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Considerations on the Corona-ZEITGEIST!

The Zeitgeist 2020 offers continuous reorientations in our lives. There is no blueprint for the present time. However, the question arises: Is there really a blueprint for any period in people's lives? If I can recognize the light in any time, I can see the new and what starts rising ...

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Today we like to share an interesting interview with one of our WISH members.

Dr. Mahesh Gandhi, homeopath and psychiatrist has been interviewed for the homeopathic online journal by Vatsala Spering. Dr. Gandhi talks about emotional trauma, addiction, gender issues and much more.

Here you can find the full interview:


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