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Considerations on the Corona-ZEITGEIST!

The Zeitgeist 2020 offers continuous reorientations in our lives. There is no blueprint for the present time. However, the question arises: Is there really a blueprint for any period in people's lives? If I can recognize the light in any time, I can see the new and what starts rising more clearly.

In the homeopathic practice we experience a wave-like movement: during the beginning of the crisis it was the prevailing fears that were experienced differently. Fear is a phenomenon, an important warning of dangers that can threaten us. However, if the fear becomes too big, it can be a hindrance in life. This fear can become a magnet for the object of the feared. Fear is caused by a concrete threat, but fear is usually diffuse, something threatening, which 'can happen' and therefore cannot be controlled, could happen. Therefore, it makes sense to let in awareness, so that the attraction ceases and clear thinking can re-emerge.

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